Day: February 20, 2020

The Most Common Breakdowns In Ovens And Microwaves

There are many companies that specialize in fixing appliances since it is common for many people to need to fix some of those they have due to a breakdown or some other type of problem.

Here, the way to fix appliances will be different in each case, since it is not the same to take care of a microwave than of an oven. Of this newly mentioned appliance, the oven, we are going to comment on the most common faults that can be detected inside it, and that may need repair.

If you hear a noise in your oven, it can be a bad sign. There are two areas that may concern you this sound, the fan, which may be obstructed by some elements, or the differential, which may jump in case resistance is burned. In both cases, it is convenient to review it, and even change these two pieces to fix the problem and enjoy an oven without annoying noises.

It may be that another of the failures you find is the lack of light, either because the bulb does not stop for more or because it has succumbed to heat. In this case, what is usually done is to change this same bulb so that the oven has the right light again. It may even happen that the bulb is not screwed in properly, which is a very slight breakdown that simply needs to be screwed in properly so that it works perfectly.

Appliance repair work is somewhat constant. There are more and more appliances in our home, and we make continuous use of them. This leads to deterioration, either due to misuse or long operating life.

Microwaves are one of the most used appliances in our kitchen. It helps us to heat food to cook and defrost it.

These are the most common breakdowns among microwaves, and all with a solution:

  1. The microwave does not heat, and the plate has stopped rotating.
  2. It does not heat, and on top, it makes a strange noise and smells like burnt.
  3. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.
  4. Inside, when working, sparks jump.
  5. It is working, suddenly it goes off by itself and does not heat well.
  6. Does not heat and smells strange inside (like gas).
  7. Every time it turns on, the fuses blow.

If our microwave is suffering from any of these incidents, the fault has a solution, so it is advisable to go to a professional, who will immediately know how to detect the problem.

Remember that, to avoid possible breakdowns, and it is advisable not to put the following objects:

  1. Objects that have metal.
  2. Plastic tuppers.
  3. Takeaway containers.
  4. Nothing. By not containing anything inside, the microwave ends up burning.